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Critical Re-thinking of the Overt

Design Research explores how mediating spatial, material, and programmatic relationships creates cohesion between the interior and exterior of large-scale development towers. Farshid Moussavi argues for the multiplicity of architecture as an expression of diversity, showcasing through her material and formal operations a building’s plurality and mutability.1 Where Moussavi confronts the physical form of architecture, sociologist Richard Sennett connects the form to its social and economic implications. Recalling what critic Ada Louise Huxtable called “skin architecture”— slick urban façades covering neutral, standardized, and banal innards—Sennett sees a manifestation of “flexible capitalism” that is superficial, short-term, and disengaged from the city and the workplace.2 My project engages Moussavi’s material complexities while countering the sterility Sennett made a note of, merging the interior experience with the exterior presence.

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