Ece Cetin

Data + Ethics

Project collaborators: Sujin Shim, Irmak Turanli
Critic: Galia Solomonoff
Site: Los Angeles, CA

Spring 2022  / Columbia GSAPP

DATA + ETHICS is a Think Tank proposal located at eastern portion of the Santa Monica Mountains  with the mission is a center for effective use, outreach and development of scientific and digital technologies for ethical, transparent and sustainable data and information processes. At a moment in which our cultural production and collective history is digital, data center has become one of the most important typologies. The Data + Ethics Think Tank consists of meeting spaces and work spaces for 35 Scholars-in-Residence and 15 Visiting Scholars, a 200 seat lecture theater, 100,000-square-feet Scholar Village of residential spaces featuring outdoor areas, a 3,000-square-foot library, conference room, dining and catering areas. The heavily landscaped area around all buildings acts as a contemplation walk for scholars and visitors. The data center, water component, landscape and circulation path continuously weaves through the master plan. The water treatment plant and solar panels  allow for reuse natural resources toward carbon-neutrality and allow a degree of autonomy from the energy grid.

DATA + ETHICS , Focuses                                                         Data Center Organizational Diagram

Main Institute, DATA + ETHICS

Main Institute Entrance, DATA + ETHICS

Bike Path adjacent to the Research Institute and Water Feature, DATA + ETHICS
Main Institute, Interior view

Dining Space
Connection to the Data Center Below

Main Institute
Data Workshop

Data Center, Underground