Ece Cetin

Reconstruction of the ‘Reality’

Individual Project
Critic: Chelsea Limbird
Site: La Tourette, Le Corbusier | Éveux, France

Spring 2017  / RISD

The project explores multiple means and mediums of analysis, one that allows for new discoveries to be made that gives birth to new possibilities. The analysis in this case has been done both by understanding the La Tourette by Le Corbusier through taking it apart but the analysis also as a creative process in which new and unforeseen is constructed by discoveries made through the understanding of the spatial experience.

Plan Drawing, Charcoal and Graphite, La Tourette

Axonometric Drawing, Charcoal and Graphite,La Tourette

Digital Drawing, Exploded Axonometric,La Tourette

Hybrid Digital Drawing, La Tourette, Reconstruction of the ‘Reality’