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Expansion as a Mediator

Project collaborator: Emmie Ji
Critic: Emanuel Admassu
Site: Crown Heights, New York, NY

Fall 2018 / RISD

Site analysis investigates  spatial and material  expansion  to the public ground in which “industrial aesthetic” is utilized as a tool for commodification in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Utilizing an existing office space and restaurant,  the project responds to the increasing homogeneity resulting from the use of this aesthetic tool with an expansion that is a mediator between the “abandoned” and “commodified”.

Here, the site is read as a series of unfolds, looking at the expansion in elevation and plan. This site in Crown Heights with its existing diversity of program types, is a great potential to mediate between the “abandoned” and “commodified”. An intertwined use between the commodified –the commercial- and the community co-work space informs the initial spatial studies.