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The Seam

Individual Project
Critic: Carl Lostritto
Site: Providence, RI

Fall 2019  / RISD

Initial exploration on phyton coding and pen plotter production, as the result of change between x and y, visually articulated a seam, where the intersection of variables occur. Unable to perfectly click at the spinal spot, yet inescapably being ‘one’ these drawings explored notions on figure and field tension where the seam becomes visible as the field is formed.

Seam becomes essential in project organizationally, densely programmed as it expands and contracts according to uses such as circulation, utility, and storage. Therefore the seam in the project becomes a programmatic and structural stitch and is essential for the whole. Drawings explore both the notion of the seam through the cutline, as seam is defined as the essential threshold that holds the parts together.

Final set of renderings consider material, spatial and atmospheric transitions that form ‘the seam’. Such as light and shadow as the seam between inside and outside forms a connection. Spatial transitions on the other hand, explores the notions of material density around the seam.